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Translating is more than just transcribing one language into another. A translator is a cultural mediator, in which not only the meaningful transference of a text is in the foreground. Adapting to the target culture requires specific knowledge as well as sensitivity, creativity, excellent country knowledge and a confident sense of language.

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Translated literature (DE - PT)


Thomas Kruchem, born in 1954, works mainly as a journalist and author on development topics. He has reported on radio from over 60 countries and has published a number of books. At Brandes & Apsel 2012 appeared »Lifeline Orange River« and »The Great Land Grab«. Kruchem has been honored four times with the Media Prize Development Policy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). He lives with his family in Mauer near Heidelberg.

Every year, the chimney, which lies over southern Africa for months, says it all: Soils and forests there and the climate worldwide are the victims of a destructive traditional agriculture. Millions of smallholders are starving, even though they have plenty of land and water. Governments and development aid have failed to modernize this agriculture. Are foreign agricultural investors rescuers in dire straits now? Or are investors just land and water robbers that push African farmers even deeper into misery? Agriculture in the south of Africa is at a crossroads. Thomas Kruchem's analytical report breaks down common thought patterns; It opens the view of an African reality, which is too often obscured here by whitewashing and ideological clichés.